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Now latest sales pitch is vacation clubs, this one stating they sell timeshare liquidations. Pitch buy 40,000 of RCI Points for $16,995, can get 4 weeks vacation using 10,000 pts each at discount exchange prices .

But their presentation is a website that who knows who developed. They have a catalog with their logo on covers yet it is exact match for a real RCI Points Catalog..Do not believe you will get a week for 10,000 pts where and when you want to go. 10,000 pts or less is a limited supply AND last minute unused inventory..Can you vacation NOW kind of thing. We have owned deeded weeks timeshare since 1996, and a small Points pkg since 2003.

We NEVER use Points anymore. If you use pts and have a short stay resorts charge you a housekeeping fee separately.

Have not used any Points since 2003.. Good luck, timeshare is good buy Deeded weeks on secondary market try sellmytimeshares or timesharesonly and even EBay BUT get a good closing company at a reasonable price.

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To advise ANYONE to buy deeded timeshare is INSANE! If you own a deed you are 100% STUCK with ever increasing maintenance fees and special assessments.

A quick search of the websites you mention and eBay proves this! Why do you think anyone would sell a deeded week they paid thousands of dollars into for $1? Yes, ONE DOLLAR! The answer is simple!

They are STUCK with a maintenance fee they cannot afford and they are willing to give it away to make it someone else's problem.CLEARLY, you are VERY misinformed about points and exactly why Vacation Clubs are the solution to the problem that IS "time share". A quick phone call to RCI and you would have learned TLC is one of a very few companies allowed to private label the RCI catalog! There is a reason for that!I agree with you about the importance of points in general, but ANY weeks resort in RCI can be booked for 10,000 points or less any time of the year when you book 30 days or less! Many resorts require 10,000 points or less no matter when you book them.TLC's program is one of if not the best programs out there for people that vacation.

You simply do not understand it. TLC members have access to unlimited vacations every year for pennies on the dollar, and many of those vacations have nothing to do with RCI!

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